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The Fourth International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organisations

To reflect and reinforce the conference perspective, keynote speakers have been invited to address the economic and social, human and organisational implications of knowledge-based change. Visit this page again for regular updates.

    GUEST SPEAKER at the 2004 Management Conference Dinner .

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  • Thomas A. Stewart is the Editor of the Harvard Business Review. Prior to joining HBR, he was Editorial Director of Business 2.0 and a member of the Board of Editors of Fortune. In a series of Fortune articles, he pioneered the field of intellectual capital, which led to his groundbreaking 1997 book, Intellectual Capital: The New Wealth of Organizations. In turn, Intellectual Capital was named one of the most important business books of the year by the Financial Times, and has been translated into seventeen languages. His second book, The Wealth of Knowledge: Intellectual Capital and the Twenty-first Century Organization, published early in 2002, reveals how today's companies are applying the concept of intellectual capital into day-to-day operations to dramatically increase their success in the marketplace. more...


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  • Dave Snowden is Director of IBM's Cynefin Centre for Organisational Complexity, United Kingdom, which focuses on the application of complexity theory to organizational issues.

    A native of Wales, he was formerly a Director in the Institute for Knowledge Management where he led programmes on complexity and narrative. He pioneered the use of narrative as a means of knowledge disclosure and cross-cultural understanding. Subsequently he has worked on the integration of learning and knowledge using models derived from complexity science. This has resulted in pragmatic techniques the simulation of social networks, Just-in-Time Knowledge management, oral history as an alternative to Intellectual Capital Management Systems and the integration of complexity and narrative models into advanced decision support tools for strategy formation, scenario planning, innovation, branding and cultural change/integration.

    With others, he is currently working on a major research programme under DARPA funding, looking at both policy formation and operational strategy for asymmetric threat as part of a general programme on anti-terrorism. One of the outputs of this work is a radical new approach to strategy in organisations which is now being adopted commercially. The Cynefin model which lies at the heart of the approach has been recognised by several commentators as one of the first practical application of complexity theory to management science and builds on earlier pioneering work in Knowledge Management.

    Dave Snowden has an MBA from Middlesex University and a BA in Philosophy from Lancaster University. He is adjunct Professor of Knowledge Management at the University of Canberra, an honorary fellow in knowledge management at the University of Warwick and teaches on the MBA programmes at Warwick, Sophia Antipolis and Piacenza. He regularly consults at the board level with some of the world's largest companies as well as to Government and NGOs. In addition he sits on a number of advisory and other bodies including the British Standards Institute committee on standards for Knowledge Management.

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  • Leslie Johnson will be speaking on Complexity, Ethics, and leadership - On 'knowing a better way to catch a snake'. He is Professor of Information and Knowledge Management and Director of University of Greenwich Business School that has nearly four thousand students and over one hundred and twenty staff with many additional part-time staff.

    Prof. Johnson holds a degree in philosophy and a Ph.D. in Cybernetics. He was a post-doctorate Sloane Scholar in Cognitive Science. He has been the Professor of Computer Science and Head of the Department of Computer Science at Brunel University; Dean of the Faculty of Science at Brunel University; Head of Research in the Computing Laboratory, University of Kent; and Director of Canterbury Business School, University of Kent.

    Over the course of his career he has held several major research grants (£2·5 millions). He has been a Director of four companies including a research exploitation software house. He has published extensively in computer science, cognitive science, and systems research. He is the author, or author, of several books. Currently his team is working on Knowledge Management and Organizational Complexity.

    Amongst his other interests are ethics and the philosophy of management and leadership.

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  • Verna Allee, M.A. is recognized worldwide for her work in value networks, knowledge management, intangibles, communities of practice, and new business models. She is a practitioner, thought leader, author, and frequent keynote speaker. Through her value network of colleagues, including konvergeandknow in Toronto and Vision 2020 in Brussels, she consults with a wide variety of organizations—from global corporations and entrepreneurial startups to government agencies and global action networks.

    Verna is a Fellow of the World Business Academy and the Asian Knowledge Management Association and contributes to special projects for the European Commission, Stanford University, the Brookings Institution, and others. In July 2001 and September 2003, she was featured in cover articles for knowledge management journals as one of the top people in the knowledge management field. She is on a number of Advisory Boards including the Collaborative Intelligence Lab at UC Berkeley, the Knowledge Management Institute of George Washington University, and the Ethical Business television series. She is adjunct faculty member of Alliant International University (California) and Waikato University (New Zealand).

    Verna's publications include The Future of Knowledge: Increasing Prosperity through Value Networks (2003) and The Knowledge Evolution (1997), which is a continuing best seller in the knowledge management field. She is also co-editor with Dinesh Chandra of What is True Wealth and How Do We Create It? (2003). Verna is a contributing author to several books and journals and is on the editorial board of Knowledge Management Magazine. of Canada publishes the Verna Allee Toolkit™, featuring Web-enabled learning modules and applications for her powerful and innovative methods.


    Masterclass Workshops: Hosted by University of Greenwich Business School

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  • David Gurteen has over 30 years' experience working in high technology industries and has worked as an independent consultant for the last decade. He is best described as a 'knowledge networker' who helps people in organizations, in all walks of life, to be more creative and innovative and to work more effectively with each other to make their collective knowledge productive.

    David is the publisher of the Gurteen Knowledge Website, a free resource website of over 3,500 pages that contains book reviews, articles, people profiles, an event calendar, inspirational quotations, an integral knowledge-log and more on subjects that include, knowledge management, learning, creativity, innovation and personal mastery. An avid writer, his most recent article was on "Knowledge, Awareness and Understanding" and was published in the September 2003 KMPro newsletter.

    He is the founder of the Gurteen Knowledge Community - a network of over 10,000 people in 125 countries that is growing by over 500 people each month. The purpose of the community is to help its members achieve their full potential by connecting them with like-minded people, new ideas, and alternative ways of working. Members receive the free monthly Gurteen Knowledge-Letter that is now in its 3rd year. The newsletter is also distributed to members of the Henley Knowledge Management Forum.

    He runs his own regular knowledge cafés in London and often facilitates knowledge cafés for other organizations. He also recently ran a knowledge management conference in London that was acclaimed by delegates for the sense of "community" that it built. He has several other conferences, events and workshops planned for the near future.

    David began his career as a professional software development manager and in the late 80s worked for Lotus Development as "International Czar" where he was responsible for ensuring that Lotus products were designed for the global marketplace.

    A frequent speaker and facilitator who regularly presents on various aspects of knowledge management and learning, David's recent presentations include a talk for the Singapore Association for Continuing Education on "Knowledge Management and Creativity" in Singapore; a workshop at KM Asia 2003 in Singapore and the facilitation a knowledge café at KM Europe in Amsterdam.

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  • Steve Ellis lives in historic St. Albans, UK, and has worked in many countries for the world's largest bank for the last five years, originally joining from academia as a management and organisational development specialist. Since 2002 he has worked in the KM/KBW arena developing and delivering a range of technologies and products to enhance knowledge based working for HSBC.

    In 2004 Steve will be the recipient of the first ever PhD in Strategic Knowledge Based Working as part of a long-term research programme under the supervision of the University of Bradford, England.

    He has co-authored two textbooks in the fields of Organisational Behaviour and Flexible Working Practices, both are entering into revisions this year. In 2004 he has had feature articles published in KM Magazine and KM Review, the two leading KM industry journals.

    As the founder in 2004 of ‘The Knowledge Doctor’ – organisational guidance for the knowledge age, a web-based KBW service, Steve has been able to convert his PhD research findings into practical applications of KBW for executives who both need and value his advice.

    In 2003 Steve presented at the KM Asia Conference in Singapore and spoke at the Launch of the London Knowledge Network. He has also been invited to join the British Standards committee responsible for writing and publishing universal standards in the KM area.

    In 2004 Steve is due to present at the LSE, London, and at KM conferences in Zagreb, Holland, Sri Lanka and Singapore.

    Away from work Steve is keen on football and tennis but as an eternal optimist he suffers from the affliction of being a blades (Sheffield United) fan.

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  • Claudia Schmitz is the founder of Cenandu Learning Agency in 2002 and works with other specialised facilitators and consultants in the field of change teams towards strategy.

    Claudia started research in Knowledge Management in 1997. She focused on the human aspect concerning knowledge sharing and communities of practise. Due to the tool Tango she went to Celemi and worked there from 1998 until 2002 as consultant and trainer. Besides other clients, she worked for the DaimlerChrysler Corporate University to implement a new view towards knowledge, people development and the necessary structures and processes.

    Coming from the PR-field, Claudia got her insight in companies from her experience as being director communication. From 1990 on she has worked with companies such as the German Automobile Club ADAC, the Postbank, and the recycling company Dual System, better known as 'The Green Dot', and the telephone company Mannesmann Arcor. Most of these companies went through mergers and big changes during that time.

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  • Prof. Mary Kalantzis will speak on knowledge management in Education, she is an Innovation Research Professor at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia and is President of the Australian Council of Deans of Education.

    Her publications include co-authorship of Minority Languages and Dominant Culture with Cope and Slade (Falmer Press, London, 1989); Cultures of Schooling: Pedagogies for Cultural Difference and Social Access with Cope, Noble and Poynting (Falmer Press, London, 1990); and Productive Diversity (Pluto Press, Sydney, 1997).

    Her more recent books are an edited collection, with Bill Cope, based on the work of the New London Group: Multiliteracies: Literacy Learning and the Design of Social Futures (Routledge, London, 2000) and A Place in the Sun: Re-creating the Australian Way of Life (Harper Collins, Sydney, 2000).

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  • Martyn Laycock, MBA MCIM ACIB, is a Chartered Marketer and is an experienced knowledge, change and project management consultant working with a variety of organizations, large and small, public and private. Since 1995 he has become deeply involved in Knowledge Management and has worked with a number of organisations on knowledge-driven change programmes requiring an integrated mix of external and internal communications.

    Martyn is an Associate of the European Knowledge Group where within a network of ten other practitioners he has access to a wide variety of change, culture and knowledge focused tools and techniques that help organisations plan and implement successful change and knowledge-based programmes.

    Over the last 15 years he has researched knowledge management, e-learning and change management; he lists Unipart, Xerox, Automobile Association, Thorn Lighting, Granada Television, Porsche UK, Tallent Engineering and award-winning SME Dutton Engineering amongst the many research/case-studies that he has developed. He has had a number of studies, papers and book reviews published over the last 10 years in books, journals and on the Internet.

    In 2002 Martyn became Project Director of the innovative London Knowledge Network, a collaborative not-for-profit knowledge-focused concept that supports London’s strategy for achieving sustainable competitive advantage in the knowledge-based economies.

    In 2003 he was a key player in the launch of “London Enterprise”, an innovative new two-day integrated event featuring innovation and enterprise in and around London, “world-city”.

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  • Margaret Haines is the Director of Information Services and Systems at King’s College London. She was previously in the Department of Health, first as NHS Library Adviser, then Director of Research and Knowledge Management in the South East Region and finally as Acting Director of Knowledge Management for the NHS Modernisation Agency. Margaret was also the Chair of the Working Party developing the National Knowledge Service for the NHS. Previous posts include Head of Information Resources at the King’s Fund in London and Chief Executive of the Library and Information Commission, a national policy body. Originally from Canada, Margaret has been in the UK for over 15 years.

    Margaret’s main professional interests are knowledge management, evidence-based practice, national information policy and she has published and presented on these topics in the UK and abroad.

    Margaret is the President of CILIP – the Chartered Institute for Library and Information Professionals (

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  • Victor Newman took up the role of Chief Learning Officer of the European Pfizer Research University based at Sandwich with effect from 1st August 2000. His background in business integration and knowledge mean that he is a passionate advocate of pragmatic solutions that connect knowledge across the drug discovery and development process to deliver global best-practice. Victor has a prevailing interest in the psychology of incompetence and implementation, derived from diverse and intense consulting experience within all industrial sectors.

    He is the inventor of the "Barefoot”, “Predator”, “Baton=Passing” and “SuperKnowledge” Knowledge Management approaches. He is developing a new strategic KM technique in partnership with Andrew Hopkins of PGRD called BoxLogic21 –designed to support thinking that develops a portfolio of viable strategies, beginning with understanding the limitations of the existing business paradigm. Victor is Visiting Professor to the Open University Business School on Knowledge Management and Innovation, and leads the Lifesciences MBA Consortium working to develop a new Life Sciences MBA in partnership with the Open University Business School in Europe.

    Victor is a board member on three Knowledge Management publications. He is the author of “Made to Measure Problem Solving” and his “Knowledge Activist’s Handbook – Adventures from the Knowledge Trenches” was recently published in February 2003 from Capstone/Wiley & Sons Publishing.


    Masterclass Workshops: Hosted by University of Greenwich Business School

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