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The Fourth International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organisations

OD and Change Management: Intangible Fields with Tangible Differences

Dr Miles Davis.

Some organization behavior theorists believe that the practice of organization development (OD) is dead--or at least dying (Friedlander, 1998; Harvey, 1975, 1999; Schein, Beckhard, Nadler, Worley, & Cooperrider, 1999). The cause of death is most often attributed to the emergence of “change management consultants” who are assumed to be operating from not only a different theory base, but also a different value system (Cummings, 1999; Worren, 1997). Research has examined the values of OD practitioners (Church, 1994; Tichy, 1974), no research has been conducted comparing the values and interventions of OD practitioners to those who identify themselves as “change management consultants.”
This study addresses the gap in the literature by using both quantitative and qualitative research methods to compare the values and interventions of two populations who on the surface appear to be practicing the same kind of “planned change” consulting. However, the study results indicate that there are significant differences in underlying values and preferred interventions.


Dr Miles Davis  (United States)
Professor of Management
Shenandoah University

Dr. Miles K. Davis is Assistant Professor of Management in the Harry F. Byrd, Jr. School of Business. His research interest includes the processes that help and hinder organizational change and transformation, the impact of technology on organizational structure, and issues of change and transformation in family owned businesses.

Dr. Davis received his PhD from the George Washington University whre he majored in Organization Behavior and Management.

  • Organization Developement
  • Change Management
  • Planned Change Consulting

(30 min Conference Paper, English)