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The Fourth International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organisations

Social and Organizational Change Using the Rule of St. Benedict

Dr. Cheryl Crozier Garcia.

This study attempted to determine the degree to which the Rule of Benedict might be used as a management model in secular organizations. Privately held, for-profit companies with no more than 100 employees are the specific targets of this management model. Using computerized content analysis, the Rule was coded into guidelines for the production of standard practice memoranda on human resource management functions. Sample policies were developed using the recoded text of the Rule, and these sample policies were reviewed by a panel of jurors, selected for their expertise in their respective fields. The study concluded the Rule of Benedict could be used in privately-held, employee-owned corporations with fewer than 100 employees as a guideline for developing an employee code of conduct, recruiting and selection policies, and job descriptions for top corporate executives. In addition, the study suggests ways to use the Rule to encourage corporate and social change by refocusing corporate attention, away from revenue generation and toward building supportive relationships with employees and other stakeholders.


Dr. Cheryl Crozier Garcia  (United States)
College of Professional Studies
Hawaii Pacific University

Graduate, Antioch College, Yellow Springs, Ohio. MBA, Hawaii Pacific College. Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Management and Decision Sciences, Walden University. Dissertation: The Use of the Rule of St. Benedict as a Management Model in Secular Organizations.

  • Human Resource Management
  • Rule of St. Benedict
  • Spirituality in the Workplace
  • Management Ethics
Person as Subject
  • Benedict, Saint

(30 min Conference Paper, English)