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The Fourth International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organisations

Knowledge Management in Space Activities

Dr. Charlene A. Dykman, Denis Moura.

Two million years ago, homo habilis changed the destiny of mankind through new techniques for making life safer and easier and succeeded in transferring this knowledge to his lineage. Four thousands years ago, Egyptians demonstrated outstanding management capabilities in building the pyramids, one of the most important monuments ever achieved by humans. However, their construction techniques remain today a mystery, demonstrating that their knowledge is lost. These two examples perfectly highlight the importance of knowledge management in human activities.

With the evolution of our society and of industrial work (explosion of information volume, new information tools, new organizational processes, etc.), the risk of loss of critical information increases. As a result, negative consequences are becoming a reality as technical risks increase when continually “reinventing the wheel”. This concern is now sufficiently widely shared for creating a new branch in research and software development. New organizational approaches and commercial tools already exist for enhancing the way the information is collected, stored, maintained, enriched and made easy to extract and to be used later on. Furthermore, the number of companies having in process or already in place such systems is rapidly increasing.

To address specifically this problem with respect to space activities, the International Academy of Astronautics decided in 2002 to establish a study group whose purpose is to issue guidelines. Indeed, with increasing cooperation and industry concentration, it appeared wise and effective to implement such a common approach. This paper discusses the current work of the group and the criticality of a knowledge management approach in the Aerospace community.


Dr. Charlene A. Dykman  (United States)
Professor of Management Information Systems
Cameron School of Business
University of St. Thomas

Professor of MIS, with extensive research record focusing on the interface between Information Systems, organizations, and cultures. Member of a group studying Knowledge Management in the business of Aerospace. Scholarly focus on distance education paradigms and dissemination of knowledge via innovative means. Extensive work as a business analyst and senior information systems executive with worldwide systems implementation experience.

Denis Moura  (France)

  • Knowledge Management
  • Aerospace
  • Valuation of Knowledge

(30 min Conference Paper, English)