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The Fourth International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organisations

Learning, through Information to Knowledge: What next?

Hammad Akbar.

The paper is extends the author's seminal effort in the Journal of Management Studies (forthcoming Dec. 2003), which has been recognised as addressing one of the key issues in knowledge creation.

The proposed paper examines:
a) how the knowledge management literature has evolved from a predominant focus on learning and information processing, through automation and innovation, to knowledge crreation;

b) How the knowledge creation literature itself has evolved within - focus on explicit/tacit knowledge, per se, to the ever increasing need for divergence in learning.

c) What next? how divergence is leading to contructs which are: i) extending knowedge deeper into researching the underlying levels of learning; and in the process, ii) going back to link up with the information processing dimension. The proposed paper presents just that double-loop.


Hammad Akbar  (United Kingdom)
Tutor OB
School of Management
Universty of East Anglia

More than seventeen years of teaching, resaerch and managerial experience. Teach courses in OB, knowledge management and resarch methods. Speialsie in knowledge creation, organisational learning and economics of information/knowledge. Main publications:
Journal of Management Studies (2003). Academy of Management Review (under review).

  • Knowledge
  • Information
  • Knowledge creation
  • Learning

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