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The Fourth International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organisations

Entrepreneurial Model of Change in Small University Setting

Dr Norman Carroll, Dr Peter F. Sorensen.

In the United States most small universities follow a traditional model of centralized control. This paper proposes another model for such settings based on the concept of the responsibility center. Such a model exploits the entrepreneurial talents of deans and other unit heads to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the units. The responsibility center holds the unit accountable and at the same time gives the unit the flexibility it needs to act in an entrepreneurial way. The paper presents the results of a survey of the frequency of use of centralized versus decentralized management control systems in small universities. The comparative outcomes of the entrepreneurial model and the more traditional centralized model are presented. It demonstrates the effectiveness of the entrepreneurial model as a method for institutional change. The use of such a model in one small university is described with an analysis of the changes realized from adoption of the model.


Dr Norman Carroll  (United States)
Provost and Professor of Business and Economics

Dominican University

Dr Peter F. Sorensen  (United States)
Professor of Management and Director of Ph.D. Program in Organizational Development.

Benedictine University

  • Responsibilty Center
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Small Universities
  • Decentralized Decision Making

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)