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The Fourth International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organisations

Cultural Dilemmas and Knowledge Management in Change Initiatives

Dr. Jerry Glover, Dr Gordon Jones, Dr Shankar Sankaran.

Knowledge Management (KM) has generated considerable ‘hyperbole’ recently and there is a naiveté about the “real politick” of organisational capacities in KM. There is much that is “unsaid” in the KM agenda.

What are the emerging contours of the political economy of the Knowledge Society? Professor Kouzmin’s paper titled - Harvesting People: Towards the Political Economy of the Knowledge Society’ considers these and other questions.

Is the latent conflict between “Symbolic Analysts” and globally-attuned managerialists the last class battle to be fought? Professor Hase et. al.’s paper titled – ‘Knowledge Management and Changing Psychological Contracts’ raises these and other questions.

Is there is an imperative to revisit the leadership enigma in the context of managing knowledge workers and further adding insight into the changing psychological contract dynamic? Professor Sankaran et. al.’s paper titled – ‘Theory Y Leadership in the Knowledge Economy’ considers these and other questions.

Although much has been said about creating and changing organisational cultures, in the knowledge management context, is manipulating culture a realistic possibility? Dr. Gordon Jones’ paper titled – ‘Knowledge-Centred Organisational Cultures’ will explore these and other issues.

With “virtuality’ dominating organizational fantasies of the immediate future, discourse involving organizational sub-cultures and networks in KM is also sparse. Professor Glover’s paper titled – ‘Knowledge Management, Culture and Designing Adaptive Organisations’ addresses these and other issues.


Dr. Jerry Glover  (United States)
Organizational Change Program
Hawaii Pacific University

Dr. Jerry Glover is Professor of Organizational Change at Hawaii Pacific University. He is trained as a Cultural Anthropologist and has been a consultant and researcher in change and development for thirty years. His current interests include culture and knowledge systems, adaptive leadership, and measuring change.

Dr Gordon Jones  (United States)
College of Professional Studies
Hawaii Pacific University

Dr. Jones is the Dean of the College of Professional Studies at HPU, senior faculty member of the MSIS Program, and has extensive experience in corporate information systems, innovations, and knowledge management systems.

Dr Shankar Sankaran  (Australia)
Director, College of Action Research
Graduate College of Management
Southern Cross University

A/Professor Sankaran teaches knowledge management to MBA students and supervises doctoral students researching in the area of knowledge management. He also assists organizations implementing knowledge management as part of his research portfolio. Prior to joining academia he was a Director of Engineering at the regional headquarters of a Japanese multinational company.

  • Economic Harvesting of People
  • Genetic Engineering
  • Health Entrepreneurs
  • Intellectual Property
  • Intergenerational Utilities
  • Knowledge Economy
  • Knowledge Management
  • Leadership
  • Patents
  • Psychological Contract
Person as Subject
  • Fons Trompenaars Charles Hampden-Turner Peter Wooliams

(90 min. Colloquium, English)