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The Fourth International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organisations

Impact of Change: Lean Production Implementation and Worker Job Stress

Dr Jannis Jan Angelis.

Just-in-Time/Lean Production (JIT/LP) has become the standard for competitive manufacturing in many global markets, but evidence suggests that it can also create high job stress levels. This poses the question as to whether the benefits of JIT/LP are gained at the expense of a lower quality of working life and lower social welfare. There is extensive research on the adverse effects of JIT/LP methods, but much of the literature has narrowly focused on ethnographic studies of single Japanese auto plants in the US. They all face the same shortcoming, in generalizing their observations – single site studies in a single industry. This is the first large scale, multi-industry empirical study of the relationship of job stress to lean implementation. The results are based on 1,391 worker responses from 21 manufacturing sites in four UK industry sectors. A non-linear response of stress to lean production implementation is identified. This impact of change in production processes, work organisation, and culture on worker job stress is discussed and recommended practices described.


Dr Jannis Jan Angelis  (United Kingdom)

University of Oxford

Currently researching human operations in the aerospace industry, prior roles include venture capital advisory, research at Cambridge, Stanford, Berkeley, Harvard and the ILO, and a commando tour.

  • Lean Production
  • Job stress
  • Implementation Impact
  • Change

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