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The Fourth International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organisations

Project Team Culture and Project Management Success – An Empirical Study

Cassouto Dorit E., Prof. Tzvi Raz.

Every organization has unique characteristics that differentiate it from other organizations, a culture that has a profound impact affecting almost everything that happens in it. Organizational culture can support and reinforce strategic initiatives, quick paced changes, flexibility, innovation, creativity and customer responsiveness. It can also undermine these aspects of an organization's performance. Most organizations perform works that involve projects where a team carries out the work under the leadership of a project manager. Quite often each team develops a unique culture that can impact the performance and the success of the project.
In this talk we will report the results of an empirical study based on a field questionnaire that was carried out in High-Tech companies in Israel. The study focuses on project teams in organizations and examines the relationship between the project team culture and the project management success.


Cassouto Dorit E.  (Israel)

Prof. Tzvi Raz  (Israel)

Faculty of Management
Tel Aviv University

  • Project team culture
  • Project management
  • Project success

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)