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The Fourth International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organisations

Adaptive Leadership and Knowledge: Essential Ingredients for Change Initiatives

Dr. Jerry Glover, Dr Gordon Jones.

Change and development are pervasive challenges for today's leaders. Unfortunately, far too many change initiatives are created for the sake of changing, not for developing adaptive and sustainable futures.

This paper addresses research on the relationship among culture, knowledge and adaptation. Leadership is assessed within this perspective and a framework for measuring effectiveness at adapting via knowledge management will be presented.

The authors will present the results of their international research on adaptation and analyze its implications for the design and development of organizational and leadership development initiatives.


Dr. Jerry Glover  (United States)
Organizational Change Program
Hawaii Pacific University

Dr. Jerry Glover is Professor of Organizational Change at Hawaii Pacific University. He is trained as a Cultural Anthropologist and has been a consultant and researcher in change and development for thirty years. His current interests include culture and knowledge systems, adaptive leadership, and measuring change.

Dr Gordon Jones  (United States)
College of Professional Studies
Hawaii Pacific University

Dr. Jones is the Dean of the College of Professional Studies at HPU, senior faculty member of the MSIS Program, and has extensive experience in corporate information systems, innovations, and knowledge management systems.

  • Adaptation
  • Leadership
  • Change
  • Knowledge

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)