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The Fourth International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organisations

Cultural Dynamics that Affect Innovation and Ethics

Kathryn Alexander.

This is a one-hour interactive exploration of the often hidden dynamics of culture and their impact on the success of the organization, specifically in the areas of ethics and innovation. Culture is the “belief system” of the organization. People watch their leaders to better understand what is required of them. Their collective, unconscious decisions set the stage for the level of commitment people will feel, the amount of risk or obedience people will display, the preference for innovation or standardization, and the way they treat each other and expect to be treated. Some of these unconscious drives will help the company move forward, some will not. Just as importantly, the wrong attitudes and behaviors can hamstring an organization trying to move fast or disrupt one trying to standardize and regulate. We will explore how these dynamics affect knowledge, learning, innovation and ethical action.
Objectives: Discover the dynamics in each participants own organization; Understand the four generic cultures and their strengths and weaknesses; Understand the implications of these dynamics on innovation and ethical action; Apply these components to your own organization ; Formulate initial strategies to improve your firm’s success.


Kathryn Alexander  (United States)

The Change Institute

Kathryn, president of The Change Institute, brings people and organizations to LIFE: liveliness, innovation, financial prosperity, and ethical action. Specializing in applied values and ethics, leadership development, strategic transformation, she develops games for serious business people, bringing new insights into the areas of values, ethics and organizational culture. Her clients include the City of San Francisco, Union Carbide, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and Pacific Telesis. She is adjunct faculty for Regis University, one of Colorado’s most innovative universities.

  • Cultural dynamics
  • Innovation
  • Ethics

(Virtual Presentation, English)