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The Fourth International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organisations

Tangible Outcomes from Virtual Enterprises: The Value of Games

Dr Brian Cusack.

The application of Virtual Enterprise models in business and education have lead to a better appreciation of problem areas, issues for management and what is unknown in both theory and practice. The varying success of different Virtual Enterprises models is instructive for those attempting to develop management strategy and a helpful starting point for building new models for forecasting predictable work outcomes.

In this paper a substantial literature on collaboration, enterprise, and virtual team-work is reviewed to identify specific problems and issues. Solutions and resolutions are then discussed within a critical reflective framework that weights possibilities for better tactical management and measurable deliverables. A short report on two research projects undertaken by the author into game effects online will then be used to categorise virtual enterprise designs and to foreshadow constraints for performance evaluation. From these studies recommendations for performance based structures, process controls and planning are made.


Dr Brian Cusack  (New Zealand)
School of Computing & Infomation Sciences, Faculty of Business
School of Computing & Information Sciences, Faculty of Business
Auckland University of Technology


  • Virtual Enterprises
  • Evaluation
  • Game play strategy
  • Predictable work outcomes

(Virtual Presentation, English)