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The Fourth International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organisations

Evolutionary Models of Business Growth and Strategy

A. Noel Doherty, Dr. F. Victor Lu.

This research article reviews the works of several business analysts who have applied principles from the biological science to explain the evolution of products, firms, industries and markets. Consideration is also given to the recent attempts to combine the principles of biological evolution with chaos of the physical sciences to explain business development and strategies. The latter models are based on the principles of the relatively new science of complexity (chaos) theory. It is argued that chaos theory offers valuable insight into the forces driving evolution, coevolution and convergence in today's high-tech markets.


A. Noel Doherty  (United States)
Professor in Marketing
Department of Marketing Tobin College of Business
St. John's University

Dr. F. Victor Lu  (United States)

CIS/DS Department, Tobin College of Business
St. John's University

  • Biological Theories applied to business development
  • Chaos principles applied to business strategies and problems

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