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The Fourth International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organisations

The Introduction of Quality Control in Hospitals: Expectations and Opinion of Nursing Management

Gian Franco Corio.

A study of the strategic factors necessary for defining elements of managerial organization for the managers who are directly responsible for on-line staff and identification of guarantees necessary for the implementation of the Quality Control Program.
In Italy, the transformation of hospitals into ‘companies’ has forced these structures to face problems typical of manufacturing firms that manage products and services supplied and optimize the operating conditions of professional groups.

In this context the reorganization of the hospitals as health companies, inspired by principles of improved quality considers this to be a characteristic and a value an attitude to products and services to meet users’ needs, defined according to human resources and materials, and including the coherence of their management and the system set up for increasing and ensuring efficacy.

In this specific situation, quality is also considered the “globality of the aspects and the characteristics of the products and services on which the capacity to completely satisfy specific needs is based: physical characteristics, appearance, duration, usefulness, reliability, maintainability, logistic support, reparability, practicality, spendability” Asq, American Society for Quality Control]


Gian Franco Corio  (Italy)
Research Manager
Ceris-CNR Institute for Economic Research on Firms and Growth
National Research Council of Italy

My main research interests are quality, health, management, customer satisfaction, communication

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  • Nursing Management
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