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The Fourth International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organisations

Dealing with a Culture of Workplace Violence in an Information-Intensive Society

Dr. Alan Smith, Nell T. Hartley.

Violence in the workplace is an emerging issue that employers have to take into consideration. There is numerous ways an organization can be effected by violence. It can come from external forces such as terrorists or ex-employees, but recent statistics suggest that most of the reported violent acts in the workplace were committed internally. These acts of violence are not linked specifically to multi-million dollar corporate organizations, but to all places of business (including nonprofits). Violence in the workplace can occur anywhere that potentially dangerous people are employed. Electronic communication is no substitute for face-to-face communications and may lead to disenfranchised knowledge workers that may sow the seeds of workplace violence. There are precautions that a human resource department can model, implement and eventually be successful in reducing/eliminating violence in the workplace.


Dr. Alan Smith  (United States)
Professor of Management
Department og Management and Marketing
Robert Morris University

Alan D. Smith is presently Professor of Operations Management at Robert Morris University, located in Pittsburgh, PA. Previously he was Chair of the Department of Quantitative and Natural Sciences and Coordinator of Engineering Programs at the same institution, as well as Associate Professor of Business Administration at Eastern Kentucky University. He holds a Ph.D in Engineering Systems/Education from The University of Akron and is currently ABD in Management Systems from Kent State University.

Nell T. Hartley  (United States)
Professor of Management

Robert Morris University

  • Human moments
  • Human resources
  • Knowledge workers
  • Organizations
  • Violence
  • Workplace issues

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)