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The Fourth International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organisations

Challenges of the K-Era: The Psychological Contract of Knowledge Sharing and Organisational Commitment

Dr Siti Korota Aini Omar.

In real life, which is what a psychological contract model is all about, the society is at the core (heart), of an intricate network, like a road map, which may at certain point crossed or link to each other. With regards to Knowledge sharing, our research of 608 employees from six organisations in Malaysia (Four from the public sector and two from the privatised sector) indicates that this contract is under threat. The research notes that violation of psychological contract is significantly associated with knowledge sharing. The employees who experienced violation display lower degree of knowledge-sharing compared to those who perceived no violation. It is noteworthy to mention that incidence of perceived violation of contract is higher among the privatised sector employees compared to the public sector.

Employees will likely encounter violation by an employer with violation, although some would admit neither had occurred. Violation may not be committed intentionally, but it could exist as a side effect of another management action. The Pearson Correlation tests of turnover intent with violation of psychological contract infer that the violated group is more likely to harbour an intention to leave the organisation permanently. Correspondingly, knowledge-sharing is positively correlated with organisational commitment and negatively with turnover intent. Thus knowledge-sharing is perceived as part of a promise of the contract which must be fulfilled by the management. These phenomena of non-commitment to the organisational culture infer that fulfilment of promises is critical and expected. Knowledge-sharing is the nerve cell of organisational support. The employees expect it as a crucial part of their career development.


Dr Siti Korota Aini Omar  (Malaysia)
Acting Deputy Dean of Faculty of Administration and Law
Faculty of Administration and Law University of Technology MARA

  • Psychological Contract
  • Knowledge Sharing

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)