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The Fourth International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organisations

Step-Up-To-Excellence: Transforming School Systems to Become Knowledge-Creating Organizations

Francis Duffy.

Teachers are knowledge workers. School systems are knowledge-creating organizations. School systems, however, are not optimally designed to function as knowledge-creating organizations. The paper presents a methodology for transforming entire school systems into optimally designed knowledge-creating organizations.

The paper begins with an exploration of the premise that teachers are knowledge workers and school systems are knowledge-creating organizations. The concept of professional intellect is also examined. A process for creating organization-wide professional knowledge is discussed, which distinguishes between tacit and explicit knowledge. Finally, a methodology for transforming entire school systems is presented.


Francis Duffy  (United States)
Professor of Change-Leadership in Education
Graduate School and Professional Programs Department of Administration and Supervision
Gallaudet University

Francis Duffy is a professor of change-leadership in education. He is also a 2002-2003 Education Policy Fellow with the Institute of Educational Leadership. He has published 6 books on creating and sustaining large-scale change in school districts and he serves as the founding Series Editor for the new Series on Leading Systemic School Improvement published by Scarecrow Education publishers.

  • Systemic change
  • School improvement
  • Knowledge work

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