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The Fourth International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organisations

Connecting Relection to Practice: The Art of Professional Story Telling as a Potent Form of Knowledge Management

Prof. James Norrie.

Based on the results of both a recent survey and a case study of a large, worldwide organization the author will make the case that the optimum form of knowledge sharing among professionals has to do with their ability to share "war stories" in a safe environment. When this occurs, reflection on their own practices also occurs fostering the potential for professional growth & development.

Absent of this context, most organizations make it difficult or impossible for professionals to admit to their failures. This impedes this form of learning. Furthermore, in their rush to focus on the codification of knowledge as a means of improving professional practice, they may have missed the obvious barrier. There is no ability to focus on failures, only successes.

If KM is to advance, we must learn what works in the "real world" and this paper will be focussed on the area of applying emerging KM methods to improve professional practices.


Prof. James Norrie  (Canada)
School of Information Technology Management, Faculty of Business
Ryerson University

James L. Norrie teaches senior specialist courses in the areas of Project Management, Knowledge Management, IT Strategy, Systems Design, and Business Process & Performance Improvement. For the current academic year, he is serving as the interim Associate Director, Academic Affairs for the School. Prof. Norrie conducts industry-related research, speaks regularly at professional and academic conferences and consults to a variety of companies in those areas with a particular focus on aligning Business & IT strategy to eliminate business risk and improve IT and project performance. As a qualified and experienced HR Professional, Prof. Norrie tends to integrate his knowledge of effective people practices and organization design and development in his work. In addition to his Ryerson appointment, Prof. Norrie serves either as an independent member or Chairman of the Board of Directors or Advisors of several corporate and one charitable Board.He is currently enrolled in Doctoral studies at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) where his thesis research follows his natural interests in project management effectiveness.

  • Knowledge Management
  • Project Management
  • Professional Development
  • Professional Practice

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)