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The Fourth International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organisations

Knowledge and Information Technology in the Small Firm

Dr Jan BraceGovan.

Although the importance of knowledge transfer has been recognised in management, there is only limited work on smaller enterprises. Moreover, it is suggested that the incorporation of information technology into work practices is experienced differently in this business context. The project explored how and why professionals, in the context of the small professional service firms, shared knowledge and expertise amongst themselves, and the extent to which they used technology to do this.

Professional knowledge is understood to be an interactive, cooperative mix of both implicitly and explicitly learned information and skills that combine to create professional experience. In the context of professional practice, knowledge is not only the basis of professional expertise, but it also argued to be a significant source of competitive advantage. This suggests that exchanging professional knowledge would be advantageous. With a particular focus on the role of technology, this exploratory study asked the question, how do service professionals exchange knowledge? This paper shares the insights gained from two case studies of small legal firms.


Dr Jan BraceGovan  (Australia)
Research Fellow
Deaprtment of Marketing, Faculty of Business and Economics
Monash University

  • Knowledge Exchange
  • Information Technology
  • Professional Service Firm
  • SME

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)