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The Fourth International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organisations

Beyond Business Process Engineering (PBR): Using the Virtual Environment to Enhance Performance rather than Develop Compliance

Sandra Jones, Jackie McCann.

The virtual environment provides many opportunities to design e-learning opportunities. This paper seeks to discuss the design, development, production and delivery opportunities by exploring the proposition that there is continuum with, at one end, a transactional, structured and linear focus, generally associated with training and a Instructional Design (ID). This process tends to use the network to package learning opportunities designed to provide participants with information to assist them to comply with legal, company and section policies and principles process. In so doing these learning opportunities provide greater opportunity for company’s to ensure that all employees adhere to a re-engineered structure and process. At the other end is a dynamic, unstructured and lateral focus, more in keeping with the traditional knowledge exploratory role of universities, that seeks to go beyond a BPR compliance approach and use the on-line learning environment to produce a more innovative, experiential adult-learning environment. Somewhere in the middle sits an Educational Design (ED) process aimed at presenting learners with content upon which they are asked to discuss, analyse and reflect.


Sandra Jones  (Australia)
Assoc. Prof. Employment Relations
School of Management
Industrial Relations Associations (Vic.) Australian Human Resource Association

Jackie McCann  (Australia)

RMIT University

  • e-learning
  • BPR
  • Knowledge development
  • Adult education

(Virtual Presentation, English)