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The Fourth International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organisations

Developing a Cultural change Model for Universities in a Knowledge Era

Sandra Jones.

Pressure on universities to develop a more corporate, competitive model and to show measurable forms of quality improvement is somewhat at odds with pressure on academics to be more innovative in the form and manner of their research, and in the form and content of their teaching and learning practice in order to met the needs of the knowledge era. This has resulted in a gap developing between university administrators who develop policies and academics who are called upon to implement the policy that has resulted in policies that are very difficult to implement in practice. This paper explores this issue from the academic perspective and presents a cultural change model for a knowledge university, that has three principle elements. First, greater academic participation in decision making at the corporate level of the university, second greater recognition of academic input, third, a mutual space in which academics and university administrators, as communities of practice, work together to develop policies that are both appropriate for an educational institution in a knowledge era, and capable of being implemented


Sandra Jones  (Australia)
Assoc. Prof. Employment Relations
School of Management
Industrial Relations Associations (Vic.) Australian Human Resource Association

  • Universities
  • Communities or practice
  • Quality

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