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The Fourth International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organisations

Cultural Change and Gender Sensitive Organisational Development

Karin Grasenick, Reichmann Werner.

Gender mainstreaming is a strategy advancing equal opportunities for men and women. Aspiring equality is thereby not only question of justice but of economic benefits for a specific organization.

Organisational change implies to understand an organisation’s assumptions and values on gender and their implication on carrier opportunities, income, daily work routines etc. The strategy and the concept should then be adapted according to the level of gender differentiation within an organisation. It may also require a change of organisational culture, the underlying values of an organisation, and the way in which management reinforces those values. Five different categories play an important role concerning inequality in organisations and the prospects for development. Central are leadership style and power relations, which are highly related to organisational learning abilities. Occupational gender roles and attitudes towards family life influence gender equality at work indirectly but sustainable through individual decision-making. The five categories are related to each other and lead to levels of gender differences in organisations.

A questionnaire has been developed for measuring the five basic categories. Measures are attributed to a firm's levels of gender differences and hence levels of general ability to develop. Implications for organisational change are presented and discussed.


Karin Grasenick  (Austria)
Senior Research
Institute of Technology and Regional Policy - InTeReg
Joanneum Research

Karin Grasenick studied Sociology and Computer Science in Graz. From 1992 to 1995 she worked as assistant at the faculty for electrical engineering and achieved her PhD for biomedical engineering (signal analysis). For four years she was FH-Professor for statistics and computer science at FH-Joanneum and project manager in the field of corporative learning processes. Since 1998 she joined the Institute of Technology and Regional Policy, Joanneum Research in 1998. Her major interests are measurement of intellectual capital & knowledge communication, analysis of qualification requirements, development of innovative labour market measures, gender mainstreaming for labour and regional policy

Reichmann Werner  (Austria)

Department of Sociology
Karl Franzens University

  • Organisational culture
  • Gender mainstreaming
  • Organisational development

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)