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The Fourth International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organisations

Race and Ethnic Relations at Work: An Empirical Case Analysis of Diversity Utilisation In A UK Organisation

Dr. Ronald Crawford.

The Paper analyses the career prospect of organisation members – on the basis of their race and ethnicity – and their membership of taskforces and committees. It examines ‘critical norms’ that exist in team and departmental meetings that might contribute to ‘groupthink’ and the extent to which they are race-related. In discussing the degree to which the views of members of minority ethnic groups are accepted at meetings, compared to their white counterparts, it establishes whether they are accepted when they volunteer them outside formal settings. Since, for reason of efficacy, managers consult their subordinates on operational issues, the paper discusses any racial disparity in the frequency of these consultations. Whites are the most favoured group at departmental meetings – with 21.4% of its members very often, and 47.1% often having their views accepted. White is the only ethnic group of which a percentage of respondents (5.7%) always had their views accepted at these meetings. 2.9% White, compared with 24.1% Black respondents never had their views accepted at departmental meetings. 97.1% of the respondents who often had their views accepted at these types of meetings, are White. Chi-square test indicates that there is a significant difference between the frequency with which members’ views were accepted at departmental meetings, based on ethnicity (c2=49.476, df=12,p<0.000). Blacks are three times more likely to have their views rejected at team meetings than their White counterparts, who are the only group that always had its views accepted at these meetings (significant at: c2 = 60.748, df=12, p< 0.000).


Dr. Ronald Crawford  (United Kingdom)
Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Management
Department of Management, Business School
University of Greenwich

Dr. Ronald B. Crawford - PhD (London), MEd.M. (Bath), Adv. Dip. Ed. (Bristol), PGCIS (TVU), ITC (UWI), MAAM, MAOM, MISGS, LESAN, V. Prof. T.U.P. - is an academic and consultant, focusing on OB, Diversity, Research, Training and Change Management. He is Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Management, at University of Greenwich Business School, London; and Chief Executive of Human Resource and Organisational Development Consultancy (HRODC).

  • Race
  • Ethnicity
  • Resonation
  • Racial disparity
  • Human resource utilisation
  • Committees
  • Taskforces
  • Constitution
  • Commitment
  • Promotion Prospect
  • Groupthink
  • Contemporary Diversity Management

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)