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The Fourth International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organisations

Crew Resource Management - where next?

Jane Neal-Smith.

The implementation of Crew Resource Management courses to commercial pilots and cabin crew has increased awareness to a variety of factors which may be responsible for aircraft accidents. Many of the biggest airline accidents have been partially caused by failings in communication, decision making and situational awareness.

CRM courses have been integrated into airline training and initially seemed to improve relations between pilots and pilots and cabin crew. Furthermore, with the reduction in serious aircraft incidents, CRM appears to have been successful.

However, with refresher courses every year, crews are finding that courses contain similar material. With fewer crew related incidents, there is little new material to be examined. Whilst this is of course a good thing, there lies an issue in terms of maintaining CRM awareness in crews and the need for further research.

I suggest that CRM has been successful, and that through lessons learnt, error chains are being broken before serious problems develop. The problem now lies in convincing airlines and crews that issues in CRM are becoming more subtle with fewer major errors but perhaps more minor ones which do not lead to fatal accidents.

This paper will address issues surrounding these areas with recommendations for further CRM training.


Jane Neal-Smith  (United Kingdom)
PhD student

University of Bradford

  • Aviation
  • Crew Resource Management

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)