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The Fourth International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organisations

Bibliographic Instruction, the World Wide Web, and Library Jargon

Emmett Lombard.

This consideration assumes that bibliographic instruction is important to research success within academics. Furthermore, that the World Wide Web has provided both additional opportunities for bibliographic instruction and obstacles. Underlying this issue is the problem of jargon---much technical jargon rests on the research canvas. This alone is problematic for those unfamiliar with formal research processes; however, compounding the problem is that the jargon is often misused or inconsistently referenced by so-called experts. This consideration explores these issues, and offers solutions to the problems they create.

This consideration is relevant to the International Conference on Knowledge Culture and Change in Organisations for the fact that it has information literacy ramifications---if one cannot first effectively identify where and how to obtain information, he/she cannot begin to effectively analyze it. This is in line with the "Data, information and their electronic means of creation, storage, access and communication" aspect of the conference. The consideration offers truthful observations, and can spur insightful conversation.


Emmett Lombard  (United States)
Electronic Services Librarian
Nash Library
Gannon University

I work as a librarian and a composition teacher. This is an effective combination in that my library background provides composition students unique insights into the research process and their writing. On the other hand, the teaching provides my technical library initiatives a more academic perspective---in other words, I believe I better gear library services towards users rather than librarians.

  • Information Literacy
  • Bibliographic Instruction
  • World Wide Web
  • Academic Perceptions
  • Research
  • Library
  • Jargon

(30min Conference Paper, English)