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The Fourth International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organisations

Effects of First International Joint Ventures on Local Partner's Development: A Multiple Case Analysis

Dr Ali Sayilir.

The readers of organizational learning are well aware of the learning opportunities created by international joint ventures. There are hundreds of thousands of articles on learning through international joint ventures or on organizational learning. But, I have not encountered one that focuses on how the start up partnership between an international and local company channels the business of local company. A good relation between the two partners might open up the way of establishing new joint ventures. These ventures might be between existing partners or between the local partner and another international partner via the existing international partner. Hence, new business will be developed in local market and some other markets might be accessible due to that relationship. The local partner not only might benefit from the knowledge and capital of international partner in doing so, but also might benefit from international ties of international partner. The paper, through replicating cases, will demonstrate how the starting partnership triggers successive developments fot the local partner.


Dr Ali Sayilir  (Turkey)
Assistant Professor of Management
Faculty of Administration and Economics
Mug˘la University

Publications (All is in Turkish);“The Role of Top Management in Creating Learning Organizations”, Mevzuat Dergisi, Sayı 69, Eylül 200.; 2- “Acquisition of Knowledge in International Joint Ventures: the Case of Industrial Companies of Turkey ”, Uluda_ Üniversitesi __BF Dergisi, Aralık 200.; 3. “Individual Learning, Organizational Learning and Relation Between Them”, _Ü SBF Dergisi, 25 Ekim 2001; 4- “International Joint Ventures in Developing Countries and Their Indication for Local Partners Bilgi Edinimi ve Yerel Orta_a Yansıması”, DEÜ SBE Dergisi, Cilt 1 Sayı 1, 1999.

  • Evoluation of Local Partner Business
  • International Joint Venture

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)