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The Fourth International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organisations

The The CALS Project: A Cross-Cultural Communication Model: Using the UC Berkeley Model of Cross-Cultural Interaction to Build Positive Communication Cultures World Wide

Dr. Jarralynne Agee, Jane Griswold, Pat Lavelle.

Using UC Berkeley as a model, participants will learn factors for success and gain tools for building communication across cultures. This workshop will provide an overview of models of cross-cultural communication that impact communities of work. Theoretical models will be explained alongside successful techniques that the UC Berkeley CALS Project has developed. The CALS Project is fueled by ten years of volunteer commitment from more than 500 Berkeley staff, faculty, students and community tutors. Tutors have helped learners from countries around the world to build their English proficiency skills and acclimate to the US working environment.

Workshop participants will walk away understanding more of their own communication dynamics and how that impacts their interaction with people from other cultures. Passive and active learning styles will benefit from audio/visual, small group and large group discussions that provide new insights into improving international work alliances. Highlighted program topics include: body language across cultures, keys to successful communication and understanding ecosystemic factors within individual styles of communicating.

The reproducible success of the CALS Project will help benefit any organization interested in profiting from increased accuracy in communication, higher work efficiency and enhanced employee morale. This model creates a safer, more productive work environment and promotes loyalty to the organization by deepening employees’ sense of value and belonging within the workplace community.


Dr. Jarralynne Agee  (United States)
Senior Analyst
Office of Human Resources
University of California, Berkeley

Jane Griswold  (United States)

University of California, Berkeley

Pat Lavelle  (United States)

University of California, Berkeley

  • Cross-Cultural Communication
  • Positive Communication
  • Culture
  • English as a Second Language
  • Basic Communication Skills
  • Enhanced Workplace Communication

(60 min. Workshop, English)