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The Fourth International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organisations

Corporate Social Responsibility in South Africa: Perspectives on the Nature and Relevance of CSR for South African Business

Henry Mushonga.

CSER has become an integral business strategy in pursuit of meeting the triple bottom line. In many developed countries this has gone short of legislation and the developing markets are also gradually embracing this corporate concept. The rise in civil society advocacy for business to act in a social responsible manner has further put pressure on companies to behave ethically. CSER practices are quite differentiated according to location, legislation and environment in which they operate. South Africa and its legacy of apartheid provides an interesting scenario and format of CSER. The aim of this presentation is to articulate through case studies, the dynamics of how CSER in South Africa is being shaped and the responses of business to this pervading globalization tenet.


Henry Mushonga  (South Africa)
Lecturer in Development Studies
Faculty of Arts-Department of Development Studies
South African Institute of International Affairs

Born 41 yrs ago in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Trained as a teacher and has had a sterling part-time career as football coach and manager. Currently lecturing in Development studies at university level. Main interest in Corporate Social Responsibility and Political economy and Consulting for companies in the field of HIV/AIDS in the workplace, Project Management, Business Plans for poverty alleviation programmes as part of CSER. Has acquired an MA degree in Development Studies and has completed an Master in Commerce in Business Management (pending Financial Management module).Has already embarked on a PhD on CSR in South Africa.

  • Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility
  • Apartheid
  • Social investment
  • Community diagramming
  • Unionism
  • Corporate citizenship
  • Human rights
  • Value chain
  • Social index

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)