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The Fourth International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organisations

New ways of Sharing Knowledge: The Adoption of New Publishing Technologies in Academic and Corporate Libraries?

Haydn Blackey, Arthur Egar.

This research reviews the theoretical antecedence of new product and process technology adoption and grounds the emerging theory within the practice in the academic and corporate library sector in the Netherlands. It suggests that what may have happened by accident, not design, will have a large effect on the way libraries, as knowledge repositories, are used.
This research focuses on the impact of innovation diffusion in libraries on the way knowledge is stored, shared and used. It identifies two categories of innovations and explores the differential impact of these different innovation types on libraries and companies in the Netherlands.
The research looks at product innovations, e.g.: Library automation; Interactive linking of information technologies; Library computerisation; Computer software cataloguing system; Online bibliographic services
and process innovations: Innovative university library services; Educational programmes in library/information science; Cooperative integrated school library programme; Clinical librarian service; Digital reference service; "Library Power program"; Online end user literature searching; Networked information dissemination; Internet in the scholarly communication system; Online searching in a LAN environment; Librarians as change agents; End user online searching; Technology as change agent; Integrated Academic Information Management Systems (IAIMS)
The research provides a framework for understanding the impact of new technologies on academic and corporate knowledge sharing. It implies a clear link between adoption of new technologies and their effects on knowledge sharing, which can influence knowledge workers and knowledge users in their approach to library based knowledge.


Haydn Blackey  (United Kingdom)
Principal Lecturer in Marketing and Operational Management
Business School
University of Glamorgan

Haydn has been at the University of Glamorgan for 6 years, and still loves the opportunity to develop knowledge with students, especially working with practitioners undertaking Masters level study. His research areas include Knowledge Management, Marketing and Operations. Prior to moving into education Haydn worked in various organisations in Wales in both the private and voluntary sectors.

Arthur Egar  (Netherlands)

Netherlands Standardisation Institute (NEN)

  • Knowledge Repositories
  • Corporate Libraries
  • Academic Libraries
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Adoption of New Technologies

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)