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The Fourth International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organisations

University Wide Knowledge, Culture and Change: Learning Outcomes and Instructional Technology Integration

Dr. Caroline M. Crawford, Dr Terry James.

Shifting traditionally held beliefs systems so as to more appropriately reflect academic communities that nurture 21st century citizens is an innovative venture. The academic freedom long-held as a cornerstone of academic institutions enhances the opportunities towards renovation and rejuvenation and offers an environment towards the nurturing of learning environments. Historically, higher education has focused upon an instructor-centered learning environment, wherein the faculty lectured to a classroom of harried students who desperately strove to scribble each word of the venerable elder’s knowledge onto page after page of ink-stained paper. This traditional knowledge transference format began to shift as the Industrial Age came to a close and with the dawning of the Information Age. The focus of the learning environment is now changing from one that is instructor-centered to one that is student/learner-centered. Paralleling this occurrence is the simultaneous shift from knowledge acquisition and assessment via regurgitation towards a constructivist point of view wherein knowledge acquisition and assessment is centered upon a conceptual framework of understanding emphasizing the development higher order thinking skills and application of these skills. The cultural shift occurring within academic communities must be supported, so as to enhance learning outcomes through instructional technology integration.


Dr. Caroline M. Crawford  (United States)
Assistant Professor of Instructional Technology
Instructional Technology School of Education
University of Houston-Clear Lake

Caroline M. Crawford, Ed.D., is an Assistant Professor of Instructional Technology at the University of Houston-Clear Lake in Houston, Texas, USA. At this point in Dr. Crawford's professional career, she holds the title of Review Editor for six international refereed academic journals. Her main areas of interest focus upon the appropriate and successful integration of technologies into the learning environment. Dr. Crawford may be contacted through her e-mail address,

Dr Terry James  (United States)
Associate Dean of the Graduate School
Office of the Provost
University of Central Arkansas

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