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The Fourth International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organisations

The Information Commons as an Agent of Change in Universities

Susan D. Beatty.

Starting in the mid-1990's academic libraries in North America and elsewhere have been adopting a new service model called the Information Commons - an integrated service facility which offers reference assistance and technical assistance in a collaborative team environment. The success of this model has driven and continues to drive cultural change within academic libraries as well as the university itself. Academic units find themselves needing and wanting to collaborate to serve the user effectively. The outcome is a new knowledge center and a new way of working. The dynamics of collaboration are often difficult and always challenging. This paper will identify and examine successful models of collaboration in Information Commons and discuss the ways that Information Commons are changing the collaborative environment of academic institutions.


Susan D. Beatty  (Canada)
Head, Information Commons
University Library
University of Calgary

Susan Beatty, B.A., BLS, MCE, specialization: workplace learning. Currently Head, Information Commons, has been a manager and a leader of change for most of her professional career. Her current focus is on Information Commons and how they are changing the face of library service.

  • Information Commons
  • Collaboration
  • Academic libraries
  • Change in academic institutions

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