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The Fourth International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organisations

Assessing the Need for Healthcare Management Education in Russia: Exploratory Study

Natalia Rekhter.

The pattern of healthcare administration in the Soviet Union reflected the directive-administrative management system of the country. All health care providers were employed by the State. The salaries were the same across the board and based strictly on administrative position and seniority. The efficiency of a physician's practice, the quality of services, as well as customer's satisfaction were not financially rewarded.
Socio-economic changes of 80s, development of medical insurance, and physicians’ ability to practice independently forced physicians to acquire managerial skills.
Current research focuses on evaluating management educational needs of regional Russian health care providers, as they perceive them. The research aims:
- to identify the need for management education among providers
- to explore whether or not providers are interested in including health management educational into regular educational channels
- to analyse who should be performing health care administrative duties as it viewed by physicians.
Regional providers were selected because they practice in the financially and information limited environment, which is more typical for Russian Federation than environment in the capital.
In this study physicians and executives alike expressed a need for healthcare management education. The preferences of two groups differ reflecting a need for two curricula: one for physicians and one for executives. All participants approve inclusion of management classes into regular educational channels. Majority of participants view MD as healthcare administrator, 24% believe that healthcare executives have to have business education.
Researching provider’s educational needs affects the development of healthcare management education in Russia assisting physicians in delivering quality health care more efficiently.


Natalia Rekhter  (United States)
Trustee Lecturer
SPEA, Health Administration Program
Indiana University, Indianapolis

I was born in Russia and moved to the US in 1991. I have Masters in Philology and Education from Russia and Masters in Health Services Administration from University of Michigan. My research interests include international healthcare management, healthcare operations improvement and education.

  • Russia
  • Healthcare
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