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The Fourth International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organisations

Creating Actionable Knowledge: An Action Research Perspective

Dr Tim Haslett, John Stephens, Beverly C. Walker.

This paper discusses a range of issues related to the meaning of "creating actionable knowledge". This paper outlines a “work-in–progress” University-based project involving Action Research in a range of government, NFP and private organisations. The overall aim of project is the development and translation of management theory into the world of action. The participants in the program describe themselves as "practitioner-scholars". One aspect of the work has been highly theory-based and has been reported in a number of refereed papers and conferences. The other aspect has focussed on change projects within individual organizations. To begin with, the focus of this work was disparate, fragmented and highly contextual as the work of real practitioners in real organizations necessarily is. However, as time went by, themes, ideas, metaphors and models common to all the work, began to emerge. The reason for this was, that while the practitioner is preoccupied with the specific context of their work, the action research scholar is concerned with what is generalisable and recoverable (rather than replicable which is the concern of the scientist scholar). The challenge for those wishing to create actionable knowledge is to be at once a scholar and create coherence from the disparate, fragmented and highly contextual world of the practitioner while also being a practitioner and base their actions in recognizable theoretical paradigms drawn from the world of the scholar.


Dr Tim Haslett  (Australia)
Senior Lecturer in Management
Department of Management Faculty of Business and Economics

Tim Haslett lectures in Strategy and Systems Theory. His research interests are in Action Research, Non Linear Theory and System Dynamics modelling.

John Stephens  (Australia)

Greyhound Racing Victoria

Former senior master, teaching chemistry and mathematics. Since held senior management positions for 20 years in greyhound industry. Postgraduate learning (FAICD, Grad Dip BusMgt, M Mgt, current PhD – Monash University).

Beverly C. Walker  (Australia)

Department of Management Faculty of Business and Economics
Monash University Caulfield Campus

  • Creating actionable knowledge

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)