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The Fourth International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organisations

Creating A Content Management System For A Large Organization: The IU Library Experience

Diane Dallis, Doug Ryner.

The Indiana University Bloomington Libraries created an open source database-driven Web system that enables librarians and staff to publish content to the Libraries’ public Web site that maintains a consistent design and places the content into a logical and consistent architecture. The system is comprised of the libraries’ public Web site interface, the Content Manager (CM) administrative interface, and an Intranet. The new Web system was designed to replace a decentralized system that was previously used to maintain this large web site of 8,000+ static HTML pages that was managed by various departments, libraries and staff.

The creation of such a system provides a means for standardizing the look and feel of the Libraries’ web pages, providing a more predictable and understandable experience for the user without requiring content providers to navigate complex HTML templates as they had in the past. The system is flexible and can adapt to changing technology and to allow for growth and added functionality as user needs change.


Diane Dallis  (United States)
Instructional Services Librarian
Indiana University Libraries
Indiana University Bloomington

Diane Dallis holds a Master of Library Science from Indiana University Bloomington (IUB) and she is currently the Instructional Services Librarian in the IUB Libraries Information Commons Undergraduate Services Department. Diane is a member of the IUB Libraries Web Team as well as several of the sub-teams including the Site Administration Team, the Usability Team, and the Libraries/Departments/Collections Team.

Doug Ryner  (United States)

Indiana University Bloomington Libraries

Doug Ryner holds a Bachelor of Science in marketing from Indiana University. He is currently the Libraries Web Administrator at Indiana University. Doug leads the World Wide Web Development Team. In addition to database design and user interface development, Doug coordinates several teams contributing to the Libraries Web presence including usability, content development, intranet, content delivery and electronic resources.

  • Academic institutions
  • Content management
  • Web publishing
  • Organizational change
  • User interface design

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)