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The Fourth International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organisations

Different Processes of Globalization: The Imprint of Cultures on Local Services

Dr Dag Runar Elvekrok, Siri Moe Jensen.

CompanyX delivers ship classification and certification services world wide.

Following ships along the oceans of the world, the classification services are global by nature. The base for these services is specialized technological knowledge about ships which is transformed into the rules of classification. This knowledge base is largely centralized at the main office. The rules and regulations and principles of surveying have been determined centrally and rolled-out as the business expanded. Being the cornerstone of the company in 140 years, this process of globalization has likely been gradual and locally not been faced with too many challenges.

The growth of the certification services has its origin in local entrepreneurship, given some help to get off the ground from the existing local offices (classification) and having the company brand in hand. These offices have come into being without any central coordination or strategy until the last part of the nineties. The challenge now is to internally acquire these independently developed offices around the world into one global governance structure. Furthermore, the main office does not play the same role in the development of standards, rules, regulations or principles of auditing as these are developed and agreed on in international committees and processes administered by organizations like ISO.

These differences in growth and globalization give reason to assume that the inscriptions of local culture are more evident in the certification than the classification services. This paper presents results from investigations in Norway, India and Brazil revealing the local flavors of the services.


Dr Dag Runar Elvekrok  (Norway)
Senior Research Engineer

Det Norske Veritas

Siri Moe Jensen  (Norway)
Senior Research Scientist
Research Department
Det Norske Veritas

  • Globalization
  • Culture
  • Local adaptations

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)