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The Fourth International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organisations

A Comparative Study of Work Value Orientation and Patterns

Dr. Diane Prince, Dr Harpal S. Grewal.

This study will use the Values and Working questionnaire to classify the primary value and value patterns of minority and non-minority business students(future managers).The students' scores on six value systems measured by the questionnaire will be compared to the national data. The results of the study will also be compared with the other research on the topic. The work value orientation and patterns will also be compared with respect to gender and business major.


Dr. Diane Prince  (United States)
Division of Business Administration
Claflin University

Dr. Diane Princehas served as a management consultant to the six universities project in Indonesia sponsored by the World Bank. She is Professor of Management and Director of MBA Program at Claflin University. She has traveled to Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, China and Singapore. Dr. Harpal S. Grewal is Professor of Business Administration and Chair man of the Division of Business Administration at Claflin University. He has consulted with US Department of Energy-SRS. He has traveled to England, France, Netherlands, India, Ghana, Brazil, Argentina and Chile.

Dr Harpal S. Grewal  (United States)

Claflin University

  • work value orientation
  • work value patterns

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)