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The Fourth International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organisations

Dynamic Knowledge Flow Profiles for Organizational Meta-Cognition

R. William Maule, Gordon Schacler, Shelley P. Gallup.

Organizational meta-cognition is an original construct defined as collective reflection of organizational decision-making actions and processes. The need for collective knowledge that is more trusted and therein actionable is prevalent in the military but is increasingly a factor in any organizational setting with high employee rotation. Turnover creates a need for organizational memory and expert sources that are trusted, timely, and specific—attributes that can be achieved by matching knowledge to be conveyed with learning and decision-making variables common to an organizational unit and the underlying processes affecting decision-making choices and options. Variables can be keyed to the collective cognitive processes of an organizational entity such that decisions are based from doctrine enhanced through situational awareness and supplemented with customized knowledge items—personalized through meta-cognitive profiles. Variables, knowledge items, and meta-cognitive profiles can therein provide a framework to aid in the development of automated knowledge processes and systems. In support of this need, the research herein maps the knowledge variables and meta-cognitive profiles into operable meta-data. The result is a linkage between knowledge items and meta-cognitive variables based on organizational profiles.


R. William Maule  (United States)
Communications Science & Technology
California State University Monterey Bay

R. William Maule is Professor of communications and information technology at California State University Monterey Bay, and a research associate with the Meyer Institute for Systems Engineering and Analysis at the Naval Postgraduate School. His research focus is enterprise knowledge systems and database management for knowledge applications.

Gordon Schacler  (United States)

Naval Postgraduate School

Shelley P. Gallup  (United States)

Naval Postgraduate School

  • Knowledge Management
  • Knowledge Systems
  • Cognitive Profiles
  • Meta-Cognition

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