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The Fourth International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organisations

Empowerment of State School Principals: Influence of Contextual Factors: Reporting Results of Testing a Structural Model

Graeme Charles Rose.

A study investigates a model of the psychological 'felt' empowerment of state school principals operating within a school-based management form of governance. Results of empirical testing (using structural equation modelling) reveal that 'psychological empowerment' can be measured as a second-order latent variable comprising four first-order variables. They are 'competence', 'impact', meaningfulness' and 'self-determination'. In addition, certain other factors (measured as first-order latent variables) are found to influence principals' feelings of psychological empowerment in a positive direction. They are 'role clarity' and 'availability of resources'. A third factor, 'value of strategic information' was found to have a slightly negative influence on 'psychological empowerment'. This result was contrary to expectations. The paper explores possible explanations for each of these relationships and considers implications for theory and policy development.


Graeme Charles Rose  (Australia)
Lecturer in Accounting
School of Business
Charles Sturt University

Since commencing as an academic in 1994 I have completed a Master of Economics at the University of New England and have gained professional status as a CPA. At the undergraduate level I teach auditing, taxation law, corporate reporting and accounting theory. At the postgraduate level I teach and coordinate the MBA (Entrepreneurship), a course delivered by distance education mode. I recently submitted a PhD thesis for examination at Monash University, Melbourne. The thesis presents a model describing state school principals' feelings of empowerment and the effect on transformational leadership and innovation. The model was tested empirically using structural equation modelling.

  • School-based Management
  • Psychological Empowerment
  • State School Governance
  • Structural Equation Modelling
  • Strategic Management

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)