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The Fourth International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organisations

Australian DBA Programs: Contributions to Creating Actionable Knowledge

Prof Clive Morley, Dr Tim Haslett, Prof Ronel Erwee.

The first presenter argues that candidates and faculty in professional doctorates should be primarily concerned with advancing professional practice based on deep linkages as well as collaborative research with industry partners and professional bodies. The second presenter engages you in debate about the role of action research by cohorts of candidates to create an environment for participative research and learning to establish a body of theory on how learning is embedded in organisations. The final presenter questions how the focus and design of DBA programs, its challenges to supervisors and examiners and perspectives of theory and practice linkages impact on the creation and sharing of knowledge among stakeholders in such programs. Questions for the audience presentations are a) Is there a need for an international standard for DBAs and a related accreditation system to identify the significance, standing and quality of the offering from individual universities, b) What models of co-production of knowledge exist between supervisors and their DBA candidates?

The aims of this symposium are to a) debate what ‘creating actionable knowledge’ means in DBA programs in universities, b) question how actionable knowledge can be created by using specific frameworks or research strategies and c) identify opportunities to innovate and collaborate between universities internationally to share insights. The aims link to the conference theme of how personal knowledge of stakeholders are transformed into common knowledge to create explicit and shared understandings.


Prof Clive Morley  (Australia)
Department Head
School of Management
RMIT University

Dr Tim Haslett  (Australia)
Senior Lecturer in Management
Department of Management Faculty of Business and Economics

Tim Haslett lectures in Strategy and Systems Theory. His research interests are in Action Research, Non Linear Theory and System Dynamics modelling.

Prof Ronel Erwee  (Australia)
Director USQ AGSB
USQ Australian Graduate School of Business, Faculty of Business
University of Southern Queensland

Professor teaching postgraduate courses in International Management, Management Consulting and Doctor of in Business administration. She supervises PhD and DBA candidates and her research interests are cross-cultural business networks, managing diversity, leadership, internationalisation of companies and organisational change

  • Professional doctorate programs
  • Learning environments
  • knowledge creation

(60min Workshop, English)