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The Fourth International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organisations

The Voices from Inside-reflections on Empowerment through Entrepreneurial Interventions: Interventions, Actions and Learnings within Disadvantaged School Communities

Prof Linda E R De Vries Snr, Segole Khutos Ramontja, K. Lincoln Pilane, Rene Coriazin.

To learn and to contribute towards a new understanding of how young people learn, what they learn and why they learn is part of the process of being reflective practitioners. The indications are that the measure of inter change of knowledge and practice level of creativity, open ness needs to be focused on the needs of young people and their context. Educational policies went through transformation and contestation.
This paper will reflect on the particular interventions from the YIELD educational programme to contribute towards human development and youth empowerment through entrepreneurial programmes. The objective of this paper is to reflect on the interventions in 20 schools during 2000-20043 to foster entrepreneurship in South Africa. Its purpose is to report on the pilot project relating to intervention strategies within schools in the disadvantaged communities. Furthermore the paper will discuss the lessons learnt, the observations as well as the voices from both facilitators and learners from the process.


Prof Linda E R De Vries Snr  (South Africa)
Golden Arrow Chair in Entrepreneurship
Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences
University of the Western Cape

Professor in Management researching Globalisation and entrepreneurship. Project leader of the YIELD programme focusing on Youth and leadership development. Researcher on Gambling and empowerment and indigenous knowledge systems towards empowerment. Have spend past three years in gathering indigenous knowledge amongst rural fishing communities towards building models for community empowerment.

Segole Khutos Ramontja  (South Africa)


K. Lincoln Pilane  (South Africa)


Rene Coriazin  (South Africa)


  • Youth
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Reflective practioners
Person as Subject
  • learners

(60 min. Workshop, English)