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The Fourth International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organisations

SME Access to Government Procurement Markets: Inhibitors to Change

Peter M. Demediuk, John Breen.

A major capacity-building change project being championed by APEC (Asian and Pacific Economic Community) is to develop SME (small and medium sized enterprise) access to government procurement markets across the region. This paper reports on an APEC sponsored research project that identified inhibitors that restrict SME access to government procurement markets in the region. The research indicates that knowledge management strategies to develop intellectual capital are critical solutions to reduce these barriers. The change initiative to help SMEs develop their local strengths while capturing the benefits of globalisation and trade liberalisation requires knowledge management of the human, organisational and relational capital both within the government procurement bureaucracies and the SMEs. Given the range of inhibitors identified there is a need to provide positive examples of how those inhibitors have been overcome in particular economies. For future research we recommend the development of specific case studies that demonstrate success in involving SMEs in government procurement.


Peter M. Demediuk  (Australia)
Senior Lecturer in Accounting and Finance
The School of Accounting and Finance
Victoria University

John Breen  (Australia)

Victoria University

  • Intellectual Capital
  • SMEs
  • Government Procurement
  • Knowledge Management
  • APEC

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