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The Fourth International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organisations

An Exploration of Communities of Practice: From Lave and Wenger's Seminal Work to a U.S. Government Agency's Knowledge Sharing Program

Tina M. Chindgren.

This conceptual paper examines the community of practice model for knowledge sharing. To this end, the author revisits central ideas from Lave and Wenger's 1991 seminal work, "Situated Learning: Legitimate Peripheral Participation". In addition, the link between knowledge and activity and the importance of relationships are explored within a U.S. government agency, the National Aeronautics and Aerospace Agency (NASA).


Tina M. Chindgren  (United States)

Virginia Tech

Tina M. Chindgren has thirteen years of professional experience in organizational learning, performance, and change. She is a doctoral student in the Adult Learning & Human Resource Development Program at Virginia Tech in the United States. Her research area is knowledge management, particularly the analysis of knowledge sharing and innovation in the workplace. She has a M.A. in organizational communication, with an emphasis on organization development. In March 2004, she presented a paper entitled, "Knowledge Management Leadership: Exploring the Role of the Chief Knowledge Officer", at the 2004 Academy of Human Resource Development Annual Research Conference.

  • Communities of practice
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Adult learning

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