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The Fourth International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organisations

Determinants of R&D in Australia

Michael Gangemi, Prof Robert Brooks, Sinclair Davidson.

R&D policy in Australia has been topical since the reduction in R&D tax concessions in the mid 1990s. Such tax concessions can have a range of impacts, from promoting additional R&D to acting as wealth transfers from taxpayers to corporations. This paper examines the determinants of R&D in Australia in order to shed light on the issue.


Michael Gangemi  (Australia)
Ph D Student
School of Economics and Finance Faculty of Business
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

I am currently enrolled as a Ph D student in the School of Economics and Finance at RMIT University. My thesis centres around modelling of regional economic development, in particular, setting up input-output models of small to medium sized towns.

Prof Robert Brooks  (Australia)
Associate Dean
RMIT Business
RMIT University

Robert Brooks is Professor of Financial Econometrics and Associate Dean (Research), RMIT Business. His research interests are in financial econometrics and he has numerous publications in a wide range of journals.

Sinclair Davidson  (Australia)

RMIT University

  • R&D
  • R&D tax concessions
  • Size effects

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)