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The Fourth International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organisations

Engagement in Management Research

Lewis P.J..

This paper attends to the use of collaborative research methods and why these form only a small proportion of reported research in management and particularly in information systems research.
Use is made of the notion of engaged research where there is active involvement in the real-world setting and responsibility is accepted by the researcher for bringing about direct changes to the real-world situation. This, together with a distinction between the mode, stance and method of research permits a clearer understanding of the implications for the role of the researcher, how research may be reported and the political and ethical issues that may arise.
Recognition of these is important in discussing research, in planning and reporting research and in mentoring the work of students and new researchers.


Lewis P.J.  (United Kingdom)
Dept of Management Science Lancaster University Management School
Lancaster University

  • Research methods
  • Action Research
  • Engagement

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