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The Fourth International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organisations

Information and Innovation: Multidimensioanl Managerial Perspectives

Don M.M. Booker.

This paper presents a unified multidimensional model of information which includes: Shannon-Weaver communication theory, Chaitin Kolmogorov Information Complexity theory, a language based computational complexity contextual model from context free programming language theory, physical information models from 'Physics as Fisher Information: A Unification' by B. R. Frieden, and a statistical contextual model based on Diembski's intelligent design information theory. These multidemsional models are applied to issues in the management of innovation, design, and creativity, emphasizing programming and information systems management, in knowledge based organizations and industries.


Don M.M. Booker  (United States)
Associate Professor
Department of Information Systems, School of Computer Science and Information Systems
Pace University

Dr. Booker has been employed in computing and information systems since 1963. He has worked in computing,communications and network operations, programming, systems analysis and design, information systems security, strategy and management consulting; and the management of projects and departments. He has managed large on-line design projects and programming, systems and computing service and research. He has over 25 years college teaching experience in liberal arts colleges, schools of engineering and applied science and graduate schools of business. He has taught all areas of computing and information systems to graduate and undergraduate students, executives and practicing professionals.

  • information theory
  • innovation
  • management of innovation
  • management of design
  • information complexity theory
  • intelligent design theory
  • computational complexity
  • information complexity

(30 min. Conference Paper, English)