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The Fourth International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change in Organisations

Changing Organizational Culture: Case of Arcelik

Mamatoglu Mamatoglu.

Current research aims to change organizational culture by using 360 Degree Feedback System. The research has been done in Arcelik Cooking Appliance Plant with 75 white-collar workers. Arcelik Competency Model and the software programme which has been developed to assess competencies have been used.

PASHA Organizational Culture Questionnaire was given to the subjects. According to the PASHA Organizational Culture Questionnaire results. Arcelik Cooking Appliance Plant’s cultural profile was, in order achievement, supportive, hierarchical and power oriented. During research the subjects have been trained two times. One was about 360 Degree Feedback System presentation and evaluator biases. The second one was about defensive behaviour to negative feedback and planning personal development based on feedbacks.

After the first training, the subjects were assessed based on Arcelik Competency Model, by their customers, supervisor, peers and subordinates. One month later before feedback reports were shared, subjects had had the second training programme. After the feedback reports were shared, personal development planning were expected from subjects.

Six months later, when the personal development plans were completed, the PASHA Organizational Culture Questionnaire was given to the subjects again.

Finally, the data was analysed with appropriate statistical methods. Results have shown that subjects’ organizational culture attitudes have changed significantly. Although Arcelik Cooking Appliance Plant’s cultural profile was in the same order, compared to the other cultural attitudes the supportive cultural attitude has increased more. That means, 360 Degree Feedback System effects supportive culture positively.


Mamatoglu Mamatoglu  (Turkey)
lecturer and researcher
The University of Abant Izzet Baysal The Faculty of Arts and Sciences The Department of Psychology
The University of Abant Izzet Baysal

Assistant Professor Nihal Mamatoglu, have had master and doctorate degree during she was working full timefor a company . She have worked as an Human Resources specialist in Arcelik for 6.5 years. She have practiced the industrial organizational issue that company. Now, she is working as lecturer and researcher at The Psychology Department at The University of Abant Izzet Baysal.

  • Organizational culture, cultural change, 360 degree feedback

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